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Aaron, thank you for taking the time and effort to give these guys their due. FYI, my myopic view for last 25 years has been... three friends who got together, wrote/recorded some fantastic songs, dropped a masterpiece in our lap without any notoriety then called it a day. With that, I've needed someone to expand on my "simpleton" version of the band. Now here you come along, a fan of the band/album, interviews w/ Eric and Dave, et al, dropping all kinds of knowledge... you've made my millennium. Seriously, hats off to you!

Oh, and a big, oversized thumbs up to Eric and Dave for taking the time to giving us some special sauce into making this album. Now, who needs to be contacted to get this daggum album on the streaming services? I'm willing to make some collect calls if needed... Cheers

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Thank you so much for compiling all of

this. This record meant so much to Me and my inner circle. A group I play with covered Son. Here is the video we made for it if you care to check it out.


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I still have TWO copies of the CD. One purchased in ‘95 or so. I don’t recall how I heard of the band but it was in writing, meaning I bought the CD having not heard anything from it. The second was purchased as a backup about a year later. CD burners were still $1,000 or more and mp3s were either not invented yet or nobody knew about them. So when I saw the album at Circuit City, I bought because I knew then that the album was different. It was important to me, even that soon, in a way that I still cannot fully quantify. I have a lot to say about this album, but I also have a lot to read here to LEARN about its creation and why in the hell they never played a show! There is a wishlist on the Record Store Day web site; go visit it and TELL THEM WE WANT DECONSTRUCTION ON VINYL!

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Thanks for this! Subscribed.... Had this back when released... then it disappeared on the early 00's :/ But happily tracked it down again 2nd hand a couple o' years ago. Tried to hunt down some info on it, but as you say there wasn't much. Sat down and listened to it tonight, and thought i'd tried googling for info again - and voila!

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This is awesome. Never knew about this album. Thanks for writing and sharing.

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So sad that Taylor Hawkins will never be able to play Deconstruction live with Eric Avery and Dave Navarro... He really was a man of good taste!

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Many years ago, when I was 17 or 18, I found that one Deconstruction album in a used record store in Tel-Aviv. They sold it to me for 18 shekels (~6 bucks), because the booklet was missing. I always loved Jane’s Addiction and their musical sense of humor, but Deconstruction was something else. There aren’t many albums that got to me the same way this one did (maybe Car Seat Headrest came close). And it was always frustrating to try and find any info about it online. It’s like it barely existed. And no one I know in real life heard of it. So glad to have found this substack, this is awesome. This brilliant music is finally getting the attention it deserves.

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I downloaded this album from a free app called mp3 juice

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I’m one of the lucky ones to have a pristine CD copy of this record. The guitar playing from Dave Navarro is both ferocious (L.A. Song, Get at ‘em, Dirge, Kilo), and delicate and affecting (Iris, Son). Eric Avery’s vocals suit the music just fine, and his base playing as always is the secret ingredient that makes the sauce what it is. His base playing was such an important part of Jane’s Addiction. So much of their best material revolves around an Avery bass riff, much the same as Jay Wobble was crucial to the early PIL sound. This is still one of my favorite records, and always goes with me whether it’s on my phone, iPod, or iPad. The cd sits well preserved on a shelf and will remain one of my prized collectibles among many. It would be amazing if they did a live show of this album here in L.A.

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